Our “Cinkelis”

Po šimts pypkių // Under a hundred of smoking pipes

Simply the most beautiful Lithuanian curse word. Use it as an exclamation when something unexpected happens or to emphasize something. And the best part is that nobody will ever get hurt by it.

Under a hundred of smoking pipes! My clogs got stolen!

– Under a hundred of smoking pipes! This forest is so beautiful.

Daug žinosi greit pasensi // Know much age quick

A Lithuanian proverb used as a playful comeback for nosy inquiries. After all, Lithuanians are known introverts and they get easily overwhelmed by too many questions.  Although fairy tales often feature wise old men with beautiful grey beards, no one usually wants to get old (especially not the curious little ones). 

– Well look at you, all spruced up! Where are you going?

– The more you know, the faster you age.

Faktas kaip blynas // Fact as a pancake

Lithuanians are fond of their pancakes. After all, it’s a very straightforward dish with its perfection lying in its simplicity. Just like this saying. When a fact is compared to a pancake, it means it couldn’t be more obvious and explicit.

 – I love you, fact as a pancake.

Nepjauk grybo // Don’t cut the mushroom

Mushroom hunting is a Lithuanian national pastime. You’d find a mushroom, cut it by the stem, toss it in your basket and repeat. Strange as is it is, we Lithuanians say someone is cutting mushrooms, when they’re talking nonsense. All of us cut a mushroom or two from time to time, but we recommend leaving it to the forest.

– I saw a moose driving a car today!

– Don’t cut the mushroom…

Lenk medį kol jaunas // Bend the tree while it’s young

Lithuanians have a strong sense of being one with nature, and, being good farmers, know all the qualities of certain plants.Therefore, you’ll find plenty of plant related proverbs.  A tree is the most flexible when young. As is the human mind. Bend the tree while it’s young – it’s best to teach someone a new skill or discipline while they’re young.

– My daughter is only 4, but I already signed her up for basketball practice.

– Yes, bend the tree while it’s young.  When she grows up, she’ll be better than Sabonis.

Šaukstai po pietų // Spoons after dinner

You know the feeling when you’re late for dinner and all that’s left are the spoons on the table? Saying spoons after dinner points out that you are too late or that something is overdue.

– Hello, I am here for the polka dance night.

– Spoons after dinner, it is over.


Kas tiesa tas ne melas // What is truth is not a lie

 A saying used to emphasize or agree with something that is apparently very true.

– Your homegrown strawberries are the best!

–  What is truth is not a lie.