Who we are?

We are the ŠaltaNosis team. Every one of us is charming in our own way, but we complement each other well and therefore make a strong team. We love freedom, convenience and unrestricted movement. There are probably no more questions as to why we sew casual clothes. We believe that the beauty of life lies in small simple details. So don’t miss out on them stuck in a rut, jump into most comfortable clothes and let’s go on another adventure together.

The goal of ŠaltaNosis:

Is to offer you high-quality, casual, stylish, and comfortable leisure clothing for each family member, no matter how big or small.

Why ŠaltaNosis?

Šaltanosis (en. coldnose) – a person who is constantly cold. 

Creating the name seemed like a daunting mission at first. After a lot of deliberation on how to create an intricate, pleasant-sounding and eye-catching name, we realized we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. The nickname ŠaltaNosis has been following us for a long time, ever since we hadn’t had the slightest thought of starting a new clothing brand. This name stuck because we are constantly cold when others are not. The nose is the first to react to cold weather. After all, moms, and especially grandmas, when checking if the kids are not cold, first check their cute little noses. ŠaltaNosis is also a name for a wonderfully fluffy Lithuanian dumpling dish, that brings back memories of summers at grandparents. This is how ŠaltaNosis followed us throughout our lives until we decided that this simple Lithuanian word reflects us best. We want to keep being sincere, open, and understandable to all.

Fabrics we use:

The quality of fabrics has been one of the most important aspects for us in creating a clothing brand. We spent a lot of time choosing a reliable fabric manufacturer and testing their products. High-quality fabrics ensure that the produced garment will retain its good appearance longer, will not fuzz or fade after the first washes.

We were also looking for the most natural fibre possible. We know from experience that synthetic fabrics are often treated with various aggressive chemicals and can cause allergies. This problem is becoming more and more relevant for modern people, so we chose cotton knitwear for our clothes. All our fabrics are  OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® regulates the use of chemicals and sets strict standards. This standard checks the concentration of chemicals: residues of pesticides, formaldehyde, aromatic amines, heavy metals, nitrogen dyes, solvents, etc. Therefore, OEKO-TEX® 100 standard ensures that the product has no adverse effects and is harmless to the end-user.

And of course, the hardest part were the colours. Choosing from a bewildering variety of charming, bright and beautiful colours seemed nearly impossible for us. We’ve tried numbers of combinations, voted on and even dreamed about the colours we should pick. Finally, we settled with our current variations and will add more over time. Nevertheless, we are always open to your suggestions!